BLUEPRINT” is a series of videos by CRAFTED Nairobi: Design and Garment Establishment that interviews different designers, artists and other professionals. We are on a mission to discuss how they got to where they are today, why they think their work is important and what their thoughts on the industries they work in are.


This is a platform which holds information for other people in these industries or who wish to join these industries. It is also to have a more personalised interaction with these people who do not usually put their pen down too often to take a moment to reflect on the work they have done so far and vocalise the direction they see themselves heading towards.



S1 E2 - Mohamed Awale, Founder of Rummage Studio

In this episode we share a conversation we had with Mohamed Awale, Founder of Rummage Studio (previously known as Suave Kenya). At 9 years, Rummage Studio has maintained their ethos of being a sustainable brand that focuses on designing fashion accessories from up cycled material either from the Gikomba Market or the waste from the EPZ Factories. This episode takes us on a journey through Mohamed’s past year and how significant the events of the year have been for him as a brand manager, as well as for the future of Rummage Studio. 


S1 E1 - Wana Muthama, Founder of CRAFTED Nairobi: Design and Garment Establishment

For the first episode of BLUEPRINT we sit down with the Founder of CRAFTED Nairobi: Design and Garment Establishment who briefly explains her past in hospitality and how it inspired her path in design and garments. Wana also outlines the importance of the BLUEPRINT series and the conversation it seeks to provide. Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy!



Welcome to the BLUEPRINT series by CRAFTED Nairobi: Design and Garment Establishment. In season one we interview a collection of different professionals in the creative field in Kenya who share their experiences with us.